The Beast team have a unique blend of technical and practical skills and insights.



Simon Evans – Director

A scientist by training, Simon is driven to develop simple, elegant solutions for clients. He is passionate about developing robust, cost-effective plans for energy transformation. He is experienced in energy master planning at all levels from initial concepts to stakeholder liaison, cost–benefit analysis, funding mechanisms and concept design. He also has broad experience in the technical aspects of sustainability.

His career has encompassed solar and battery systems, district energy, economics and sustainability, building and precinct energy, data analysis and statistics, urban design and urban microclimates. Simon provides focus and clarity to complex questions. This approach has enabled him to manage large and small projects, and has gained him the trust and repeat business of his clients.


Byron Serjeantson – Director

Byron combines the skills of an engineer, economist and analyst to provide a unique approach that integrates technical know-how and optimisation. He can hone solutions to deliver the client’s vision in ways that optimise financial benefits and other project outcomes. His broad technical understanding, financial acumen and experience in government give him the ability to identify opportunities and issues at early stages of projects.

Byron’s experience includes sustainable design and master planning, energy and carbon strategies, financial and economic analysis, lifecycle carbon assessment and advisory services. He is an experienced project manager, covering small to large multi-disciplinary projects including high-profile projects across Australia, the Middle East and the United Kingdom.

Chris Kornek – Director

Chris is a project manager and engineer who delivers innovative and energy-efficient solutions for the built environment. Chris has a multinational wealth of experience, having lived and worked in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom. He is passionate about delivering projects, managing teams and developing clever solutions for clients.

He is responsible for the design and delivery management of specialist environmentally sustainable projects, as well as the financial and administrative management of these projects. Over the course of the past 15 years he has successfully deployed a range of systems including, ground sourced heat pumps, photovoltaic installations, wind turbine installations, server room heat recovery heat pumps, free cooling data centre cooling systems and low energy buildings.

Tom H.jpg

Tom Harrison – Utility Projects Manager

Tom leads our development team for utility-scale renewable energy projects, with responsibility for shepherding projects from their initial concept through community engagement, feasibilty, approvals, and financial close. Tom is currently working to develop over 500 MW of renewable energy generation capacity for our clients, with more on the way.

Tom has experience in energy across a range of industries from mining, waste water and manufacturing. Prior to working with Beast Solutions, he worked on solar farms at Royalla and Moree. Working on both the demand and generation sides of the energy industry has given him a balanced understanding and a broad skill set. He is a graduate of the School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering at the University of New South Wales.

Lauren Lambert – Senior Environmental Scientist / Environmental Planner

Lauren is an environmental planner and environmental scientist with extensive experience in environmental impact assessment, planning and approvals. With a detailed understanding of the environmental and planning legislation and frameworks of the ACT, NSW and Commonwealth, she has prepared planning reports for a diversity of small to large scale projects, providing advice on complex approval pathways and development constraints. Lauren is known for her attention to detail and ability to identify key issues in early planning phases of projects.

Lauren’s experience has provided her with in-depth knowledge of a broad spectrum of environmental issues such as biodiversity, heritage, climate change, noise, air quality and contamination. She has applied these skills to undertake environmental constraints studies and develop construction environmental management plans for a number of high profile projects.

Mark R.png

Mark Raymond  – Senior Electrical Engineer

Mark is the senior engineer responsible for electrical design, compliance and safety on project ranging from building services design to utility-scale grid connections. He has worked on a broad range of projects in the utility-scale generation, commercial, health, educational, mission-critical and retail sectors.

Mark is an experienced, collaborative and proactive project manager who leads multi-disciplinary teams to achieve clients' objectives and meet tight timelines. His technical expertise includes electrical services design, LV and MV power systems, protection and grading, UPS systems, batteries, diesel generation, renewable generation, smart grids and microgrids.

Mark's passion for engineering and his attention to detail make him a valuable member of any project team.


Ram Parameswaran – Lead Analyst

Ram is a mathematician and economist with a wealth of experience in economic and scientific modelling. He creates elegant technical models to accurately identify project benefits and manage risks. Ram is passionate about helping clients transition to intelligent energy systems.

Ram’s experience in energy and sustainability includes a variety of scientific modelling applications, including catchment-scale water modelling and GIS environmental sensing analysis. His energy modelling experience includes financial optimisation, feasibility studies for renewable energy projects, control of microgrids, and grid-connected battery storage systems.