Beast works with clients to deliver elegant and effective energy solutions.



Demand management strategies for the ACT

Beast Solutions is helping ActewAGL Distribution to roll out a demand management strategy to reduce maximum electrical demand on critical areas of the ACT grid by around 10 MVA, equivalent to over 3,000 homes. Beast Solutions is carefully targeting high-impact consumers, and creating a package of demand management initiatives and compensatory incentives to allow these customers to reduce their peak demand with little or no effect on their normal operations. These demand management initiatives will help to reduce the cost of electricity for all ACT consumers, increase the reliability and resilience of the ACT grid, and pave the way for the greater use of renewables.


Ginninderry (formerly West Belconnen) energy solutions

This huge development will eventually comprise 11,500 homes, commercial centres, community buildings, schools and open space astride the NSW/ACT border. We are developing energy solutions that will stand the test of the next 50 years, and deliver a truly sustainable suburb of national and international significance. We are developing a plan that will include rooftop and ground-mounted solar, centralised and decentralised battery storage, electric vehicles, home energy management, innovative utility and retail models, and community investment. We are creating not only the technical solutions, but the financial and regulatory frameworks to support them.


Canberra Metro Light Rail environmental services

Beast Solutions is working with the Canberra Metro consortium to deliver environmental planning and approval services for the first stage of the Canberra Metro light rail project. This is the most significant project in Canberra in recent times: the 12 km light rail route, will create an enormous opportunity to reinvigorate a wide urban corridor to support Canberra’s fast-growing population and economy. The electric light rail system dovetails with the ACT Government’s commitment to provide 100% renewable electricity to the ACT by 2020, to supply Canberra with rapid, reliable and environmentally sustainable transport.


Canberra Metro light rail building sustainability

Working with the project architect, Beast Solutions is providing building sustainability and compliance advice for five buildings that make up the adminstration and support infrastructure for the Canberra Metro light rail project. Beast staff have a long and varied history with all kinds of building sustainability, from National Construction Code compliance through to project planning, design advice, design management, feasibility, risk and lifetime cost-benefit studies. We will help to create efficient, low-carbon buildings in keeping with the light rail project’s strong sustainability and carbon reduction targets.


Narara eco-village community smart grid

Features:  renewable energy generation, battery storage, energy strategy, financial analysis, design, infrastructure

We are creating a closed-loop, smart electricity grid to provide energy independence, resilience and long-term cost savings for the Narara community. A first in the region, this network will show leadership in sustainable living and support the emergence of the energy-water nexus in the community. Our team of energy, economics and environmental experts have developed a number of targeted initiatives in response to the ambitious project objectives.


Canberra Institute of Technology microgrid

As part of a spinoff benefit from the ACT Government’s renewable energy auctions, the Canberra Institute of Technology is embarking on a project to deploy a microgrid on its Bruce campus. The project will eventually create a net-zero carbon campus, using renewable energy generated on site rather than purchased from the grid.

The project will include a 2.4 MWp solar farm, an on-site energy storage facility, upgrades to electrical infrastructure, a smart grid connection, and demand reduction and energy efficiency upgrades for buildings on campus.

Beast Solutions is providing project management, feasibility, cost-benefit, design and advisory services to the project from start to finish.


Willoughby City Council renewables strategy

To help Willoughby City Council (WCC) address its renewable energy targets, Beast Solutions has undertaken a study into virtual net metering. Virtual net metering is an emerging concept that allows excess renewable energy generated at one site to be allocated to another site, so that urban areas with little spare land for solar installations can take full and direct advantage of solar generation elsewhere. Beast Solutions audited WCC’s energy demands, estimated its current and future potential for renewable energy generation, and investigated the financial costs and benefits of a virtual net metering arrangement in partnership with a progressive energy retailer that offers the service.


Goulburn community solar farm

The Goulburn Community solar farm will include a 1.2 MWp solar farm on 2.5 ha of land adjacent to Bridge Street and the Mulwaree River. The site is favourably located adjacent to a grid connection point on the Essential Energy network. The expected generation of the 1.2 MWp solar farm is approximately 1,960 MWh in a typical year. This is sufficient to power 290 homes for a year.

Beast Solutions has been working on behalf of the community group behind the project. Beast has engaged in feasibility, cost-benefit analysis, negotiation with energy retailers and community consultation, and will continue to support the solar farm project throughout its construction.


ANU precinct energy plan and grant funding advisory

Over a long-term working relationship, the Beast team have assisted the Australian National University to undertake precinct-wide energy planning to achieve improved network resilience, long-term cost savings and sustainability and educational outcomes on campus. A key aspect of the role involved a risk-based technical and financial evaluation of project options as well as assistance in evaluating grant funding opportunities and preparing applications. Our team introduced a new, holistic level of thinking for the design and delivery of options, to improve project outcomes.


Energy solutions for the Huntlee development

Our directors worked with LWP Property Developments and Flow Systems to create a bold energy concept for 7,500 homes at the Huntleee development in NSW (  Indivdual rooftop PV systems will provide excess energy to centralised battery systems that will take over the supply of electricity at night or in overcast conditions, backed up by an efficient gas generator. Our staff provided concept design, combined financial and energy analysis, risk analysis, created tender documents and ran the tender process to find an operator for the system. We also assisted in securing an ARENA grant to help deliver the project.


Microgrid for Defence Housing Australia

Defence Housing Australia (DHA) needed reliable advice to help deliver their first residential microgrid for 44 families at their new development in Brisbane. We have helped DHA to negotiate the vast array of competing options, products and vendors, and advised in the development and review of technical and financial models for the proposed systems. We are currently working to develop commercial business and funding models that can be replicated in the future. Working as a trusted partner to DHA, we have ensured a streamlined, objective process and a high level of confidence in the ultimate delivery.